Remote guild chat feature bugged for authenticator ranks

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|04.22.11

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Remote guild chat feature bugged for authenticator ranks
The new remote guild chat feature, currently available for free on the World of Warcraft mobile armory smart phone app, has run into a little bug that demoted players from authenticator to non-authenticator rank in their guilds. Blizzard's Bashiok hit the forums to explain the issue. Basically, when people were logging in to the mobile app to chat with their guilds, it signalled the guild interface that these people had logged in without an authenticator and automatically changed their rank.

The issue has been hotfixed and should not affect any more players with authenticator ranks, but players currently at a rank in guild that requires an authenticator will not be able to use the service until the big hotfix tomorrow.

Also, the guild chat feature has been added for every realm in the Ruin Battlegroup, so more people get to check out this really cool feature. For the full post, hit the jump.

Bashiok -- Remote Guild Chat Feedback and Bugs
We ran into a bug with the Remote Guild Chat feature earlier today which resulted in a few people being demoted within their guild. We've already applied a temporary fix to prevent this issue from affecting anyone else, and we have a full hotfix scheduled to go in the game around mid-day tomorrow. In short, the bug affected players whose guild rank required an Authenticator. When logging into Remote Guild Chat, the game assumed the player had logged in without an Authenticator, so that player was mistakenly demoted due to the security mechanisms in place in the game.

Until the full hotfix is implemented tomorrow, anyone who is still of a guild rank that requires an Authenticator will not be able to use the Remote Guild Chat feature and will receive an error message in the Mobile Armory app if they try. If you were affected by the bug, in order to be re-promoted to "Authenticator Required" ranks, you must first log in to either the game or website for the game to recognize that you have an Authenticator attached (you can do this now – no need to wait for the hotfix). 72 hours later, you will be able to be re-promoted to a rank that requires an Authenticator. We will unfortunately not be able to re-promote those who lost rank as a result of this issue. However, leaders should be able to promote guild members appropriately after the 72-hour timer has expired.

While we managed to catch and address this before it affected too many people, we apologize for any inconvenience or interruption this issue caused you or your guild. One of the reasons we're rolling out the guild-chat preview gradually is so that we can catch and address issues like this. We've worked hard to ensure that Remote Guild Chat is a solid and useful feature, and we want players looking to keep in touch with their guildies to have a great experience with it.

There is some good news! On the realm-support side, we've rolled out the feature to all of the realms in the Ruin Battlegroup today. We're happy with the stability of the service and the feedback we've seen so far, and if all goes well, we're planning to introduce the service on all North America realms within a week's time.

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