Easter App Store sale kicks off with deals from EA and Sega

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Easter App Store sale kicks off with deals from EA and Sega

Dead Space for iPhone and iPad

It's Easter, and although that normally means stuffing your face with chocolate and a bit of a break, it also means it's time for another App Store fire-sale. Hot on the block this year is EA's impressive, console-quality, survival horror third-person shooter Dead Space for iPhone and iPad; it's been discounted from US$6.99 and $9.99 respectively to the absolute bargain price of $0.99. If you haven't checked out Dead Space yet, now is the time.

But that's not all from EA mobile -- it's got a whole host of games on sale.

For iPhone at $0.99:

For iPad at $0.99:

Sega's got a couple of games on sale as well, with ChuChu Rocket! HD down to $2.99, while Super Monkey Ball, SMB 2 and Altered Beast are all down to $0.99.

Many other games and apps from all sorts of developers are also on sale this Easter weekend, so if you're after a new app or game to play with, now's the time to check and see what bargains you can pick up. If you've found an absolute steal worth noting, drop it in the comments and let your fellow TUAW readers know.

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