Massively's Easter event roundup

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|04.23.11

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Massively's Easter event roundup
Our ears invariably perk up when it comes to seasonal MMO events, and with a long Easter weekend in full swing, we figured it'd be a swell idea to collate the various holiday-related goings-on in our favorite virtual worlds.

While many of you are no doubt gorging on chocolate-covered bunnies and/or hanging out with your families, just as many are taking advantage of the weekend festivities in your favorite MMOs. Whether it's anniversary celebrations in Lord of the Rings Online or Easter-themed shindigs in Vindictus and RuneScape, there's something for everyone. Hop past the cut for more details.
Cabal Online spring festival
This Easter join in on Nevareth's greatest ever Easter hunt and have the chance of winning a whole host of mouth-watering prizes! The rules are simple: between now and May 11th search the world for Candy and Easter eggs and return them to NPC Yul (Green Despair) for some fantastic treats and rewards.
Everquest Spring Fever
Between April 22 and April 25, get Double Station Cash when you redeem an SOE Game Card or buy SC! (Excludes SMS purchases of Station Cash.) Plus, check participating games for special Spring-themed or sale items.
Final Fantasy XI Easter event
Springtime is come once more to Vana'diel, and any adventurer not hatched yesterday knows what this spells: another edition of the Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza! That's right, folks, it's time again for that most egg-citing of egg-themed traditions, where egg-sperienced warriors and hatchlings alike swap their steel for baskets of eggs.
LotRO 4th Anniversary festival
Another year has passed, which means an anniversary celebration with a multitude of activities and gifts! Whether you are brawling for beer at the Ale Hall, winning a new Steed at the Bree-land and Shire Horse Races, or defeating monsters to find tokens, we have something for every resident of Middle-earth.
Vindictus Colossal Ovum Crusade
The saying goes, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Well, we've gone ahead and put all our eggs in one quest! Take part in the Easter Egg Event between April 20th and April 26th for your chance at a plethora of prizes!
Bloodline Champions Easter event
We celebrate by giving away free stuff! So make sure to log in during easter to get your Eggniter outfit reward! You get to choose one of three Eggniter outfits, and if you would like them all you will be able to purchase the other two in the shop during Easter.
Black Prophecy Easter event
With today's patch we have added some exciting Easter related content to the game. This content will be available until the 27th of April. We won't give you anymore hints, so it is up to you to find out more!
Land of Chaos Online Easter event
The Easter festivities in LOCO will run through May 11, giving players the chance to earn an egg every day that contains everything from Chance Tickets to Skill Scrolls and Refining Potions. Players can also collect Easter eggs holding letters by completing a special Easter Mission Board.
RuneScape Holly and Hawthorn event
Spring has sprung – the birds are singing and the sun is starting to shine – but there's still an unseasonal chill in the air. This could well be related to the ceremonial handing over of the 'Year', in which the Queen of Snow officially passes on the season to the Queen of Sunrise.
Runes of Magic Spring Rain Festival
Heroes and adventurers throughout the world can participate in a great variety of events, from finding stolen Rainbow Eggs, bringing back the Wabbits or collecting petals for the event hosts ... and much more!
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