iPad survives 500 foot fall from airplane thanks to G-Form Extreme Sleeve

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iPad survives 500 foot fall from airplane thanks to G-Form Extreme Sleeve

Companies like G-Form enjoy wowing people with products that protect your device under the most extreme conditions. This time around, the team took an iPad, slipped it into their Extreme Sleeve and dropped it from an ultralight airplane.

Similar to the iPhone that plummeted from a plane, the iPad fell over 500 feet, flipping through the air and landing with a resounding thud in a grassy field. After retrieval, the iPad emerged from the sleeve fully functional with nary a scratch. The helmet cam attached to the outside the Extreme Sleeve did not fare so well and, unfortunately, broke on impact.

Unlike the Otter Box, which is a rigid and bulky case, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve uses PORON XRD, a flexible and thin material known for its ability to absorb impacts. The sleeve is lightweight and flexible, yet protects your iPad 1 and iPad 2 from harsh falls and impacts. The Extreme Sleeve comes with a life-time guarantee and is available in black and yellow. Folks can pre-order one now for US$59.95, and they will begin shipping on May 2.

Read on to watch the falling iPad and the reactions of the enthusiastic team at G-Form.

[Via ZDNet]

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