Alienware M18x shipping now, hernia threat level set to high for American delivery men

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Here it is tinfoil hat gaming enthusiasts, the Alienware M18x laptop. Sure, you've been told it existed and even seen some photos of a purported prototype, but a savvy person such as yourself wants to see the proof with his or her own eyes. Now Dell is willing to deliver one of these 16-pound beasts to your doorstep for the starting price of $1,999. Let's be serious though, you're not interested in that pedestrian 2GHz Core i7 that ships with the base model. You want the intergalactic speed delivered by that Core i7 Extreme overclocked to 4GHz and dual 2GB Radeon 6970m graphics cards. Top it off with a pair of 256GB SSDs and 32GB of RAM and you're looking at a $6,000 laptop. Nobody said this thing was gonna be cheap -- besides, it's gonna cost some serious dough to cover up the disappearance of the M15x.

[Thanks, Nicklas]

Update: It looks like you can purchase your Alienware M18x today, but it won't actually ship until later this month. Put in an order with Dell and the company quotes a preliminary ship day of May 24th. On the plus side -- your UPS man will have time to strengthen his core.
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