Use SSH scripts to share Safari tabs between two Macs

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Use SSH scripts to share Safari tabs between two Macs

Our own Brett Terpstra developed two SSH scripts that let you share Safari browser tabs between multiple Macs. This method is perfect for those Mac users with an iMac or a Mac Pro as their main work machine and a Mac laptop as a secondary machine for checking email, instant messaging or light browsing. You know the scenario - an email with your updated project timetable lands in your inbox which is running on your MacBook. You open it in a tab and want to send it your Mac Pro where you have been immersed in work-related research all morning. This pair of tab-sharing scripts lets you do just that.

The scripts run over SSH to pull the browser tabs from the front Safari window on one machine to another when the two Macs are on the same network. The scripts can be run remotely, but there are not too many scenarios that prompt you to sync tabs from your home computer while you are working remotely.

The procedure requires you to setup keyless SSH between the Macs and to modify or create a ~/.ssh/config file on each machine that will receive the tabs. You also have to setup a remotetabs.rb script on the machine that is the source of the browser tabs and the getremotetabs.rb on the recipient machine.

If SSH files and config files pique your interest, then point your browser here for all the nitty-gritty details. What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, flex your scripting skills and start sharing Safari tabs back and forth between your Macs.

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