The MMO Report: Bears and UFOs and explosions, oh my!

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The MMO Report: Bears and UFOs and explosions, oh my!
This week on The MMO report, Casey's lead story is about the absurdly adorable Cenarion Hatchling pet now for sale on the Blizzard Store. The wee bird-deer-thing costs $10 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Red Cross efforts in Japan, therefore making it, as Casey puts it, "good for something other than your own surreally twisted ego."

Next up is RIFT's patch 1.2, The Spoils of War. Introducing myriad new features and content, the patch is one of RIFT's largest yet.

He also gives Massively a shout-out for delivering information on the newly confirmed Marvel Universe Online. Details so far include the ability to play as iconic Marvel characters to face off against Doctor Doom with a story penned by none other than Brian Michael Bendis.

Last up is BioWare's Sith Warrior progression trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which compares the Sith Marauder -- described by Casey as "quick, agile, and a real bastard of a Rogue" -- and the Juggernaut, the Sith Warrior's tanking option.

Hit the jump below for all this plus Uncle Casey's Mailbag and a decidedly awesome picture involving Casey, a bear, and flying saucers on The MMO Report.

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