Pioneer's AVIC-ZH09 GPS navigation systems take augmented reality on the road

While it may not be the first GPS navigation system we've seen sporting augmented reality, Pioneer's latest in-dash series may offer the first built-ins to bring AR to the open road. Using a windshield-mounted camera, the AVIC-VH09CS and AVIC-VH09 stream live footage to a 7-inch in-dash display, adding layers of pertinent information to real-time video. Among other things, the AR-capabilities provide visual cues that alert drivers to the changing of upcoming traffic lights and the exact distance of the next turn. Both systems sport a USB port, SD reader, CD and DVD drives, and Bluetooth. Pioneer will let them loose in Japan later this month for an as of yet undisclosed amount, but it looks like American drivers will just have to keep rolling with plain old reality for now.