Rogers Canada offers 'early upgrade' for your horribly outdated phone

Brian Heater
B. Heater|05.10.11

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Rogers Canada offers 'early upgrade' for your horribly outdated phone
Long term relationships can be hard. After a year or two, it's easy to lose interest -- but a contract's a contract, right? Not in Canada, apparently. Wireless carrier Rogers is offering a get out of jail early card, letting you get some new hardware before the end of your contract with its new "early upgrade" offer. But if you want, say, the Xperia Play pictured above, ditching your antiquated handset will cost you, naturally. The service provider has a tiered pricing plan, charging a different level depending on the device and the amount of months that you've got left -- something of an early termination fee for those who don't mind sticking with the carrier. If math isn't your thing, Rogers recommends you pop by one of its retail locations to help you figure out just how much it'll run you. In the meantime, try to avoid hurling the thing out a window in disgust, okay?
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