Want to write in LOGO? There's an app for that

LOGO for iPad

Logo is a great introduction to programming for children, so a version for the iPad seems like a great idea. Emmanuel Crombez's implementation of Logo is very welcome indeed -- at least, it is if you speak decent French.

French developer Crombez has a large suite of educational software apps covering reading, writing and math. Crombez produced the iPad version of Logo to introduce children to the world of computer programming.

He's targeting his US$3.99 app at children over eight looking for an interesting introduction to computer programming. Since it was introduced in 1969, Logo has helped many thousands of future programmers get a taste of the joy of coding.

If you can't wait for an English version of his Logo app, there is Logo Draw for the iPad available in the App Store, which provides an introduction to programming concepts, computer graphics and logical thinking.

** Update: Developer Emmanuel Crombez e-mails to tell us that he's just submitted an English-language version of his app, complete with English documentation, to Apple for approval and expects it to be in the store within 1 -- 2 weeks.