Pomplamoose covers the Angry Birds theme

I'm a big fan of Pomplamoose, the fun indie duo of musicians Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn that often posts song covers on YouTube, and I was happy to see that their latest cover is directly iPhone-related. They're apparently big fans of Angry Birds, and they've put together a "videosong" cover of the popular smartphone game's theme song. The cynical among you may be inspired to try and fight the cheer in the video on the next page (especially since the video seems to be promoted by some Samsung smartphone), but let's keep that to a minimum, shall we? It's cute.

This definitely isn't my favorite Pomplamoose song, though. If you want to hear these guys doing something a little more original (and frankly, subtle), check out their great songs Centrifuge and Always in the Season. They're not theme songs to popular iOS games, obviously, but they are great tunes nevertheless.