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Bang & Olufsen's 85-inch 3DTV comes to North America for $1,000 per inch

Bang & Olufsen's 85-inch 3DTV comes to North America for $1,000 per inch
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|May 12, 2011 12:24 PM
Because the current lineup of 3D capable HDTVs just aren't exclusive enough, Bang & Olufsen has expanded its lineup with the BeoVision 4-85 plasma which will be available to North American buyers next month for a mere $85,000. While we prefer to save our riches for even rarer sets like Panasonic's 152-incher, the BeoVision system does include the triangular BeoLab 10 center channel speaker and a motorized stand that lowers it when you're not watching. Either way, we won't tell you how to spend your (presumably ill-gotten) ducats beyond pointing out the specs in the press release below, but those interested in staying one step ahead of the Joneses should remember a refreshed version of the 103-inch edition with 3D will be available this summer as well.

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Bang & Olufsen Unveils First 3D TV in North America

Incorporating an elegant 85 inch plasma screen with state-of-the-art audio and video performance, magical moving mechanics and intelligent home integration

NEW YORK and ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bang & Olufsen, the leading provider of high end home theaters and custom multi-room music systems – proudly announces the arrival of its first 3D TV, the all new BeoVision 4-85 inch plasma screen. BeoVision 4-85 is revolutionary as it provides the best picture experience of any plasma screen on the market with its 'Full HD' picture, razor sharp details, rich-lifelike colors and smooth movement of objects on the screen. Additionally, it features a patented Bang & Olufsen Automatic Color Management technology which counters the effects of age, as it delivers exceptional picture quality, ensuring the same high level of performance year after year.

"BeoVision 4-85 is designed to give our customers the ultimate TV experience," states Dave Zapfel, Product Manager of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. "It encompasses a wide selection of picture improvement technologies such as anti-reflection coating that reduces annoying reflections from the screen and automatic picture control which adjusts the light output of BeoVision 4-85 to adapt to varying room lighting conditions for optimum viewing day or night."

Spectacular sound

Its dedicated center loudspeaker, the BeoLab 10, utilizes the patented Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens Technology, which disperses sound at a 180 degree angle throughout an entire area, resulting in an unmatched sound experience to accompany the high quality picture performance of the BeoVision 4-85. Additionally, BeoLab 10 spreads the sound equally and horizontally from the center channel, allowing the viewers to get all the nuances from the film dialogue, regardless of where they are sitting in the room.

Elegant giant

The new 85-inch member of the BeoVision 4 family is offered with a unique stand that elevates the screen at the touch of a button (either on our new Beo6 or standard Beo4 remote control). When the TV is turned on, the screen will elegantly elevate itself to the optimal viewing position, and the seamlessly integrated BeoLab 10 center loudspeaker will emerge underneath the screen. At the same time, the screen will turn and tilt according to the user's preferences via the dedicated Beo4 or Beo6 remote. When switched off again, the impressive screen moves down towards the floor in a powerful, sturdy fashion and is parked only inches above the floor, making it look less prominent in the room when not in use.

"Placed on a motorized stand, BeoVision 4 represents a whole new and unique approach to the placement of a giant flat screen TV," states Dave Zapfel. "Bang & Olufsen is among the few companies that are able to deliver a TV screen of this size, and we are the only ones who can offer a stand that will actually lift the screen off the floor, and then turn and tilt it to your preferred viewing position with the touch of a button."

The size of the carefully crafted 85" screen with its high-grade aluminum frame is impressive, but it becomes even more impressive when the screen starts to move. The movements of the screen and speaker are accelerated and decelerated in the process to underline the muscular progress, and the initial lift of the screen is timed with the start up time of the BeoSystem 3 picture and surround sound engine. The hallmark electronic curtains are then pulled aside while the BeoLab 10 center loudspeaker is moving forward into position.

Center of intelligent home

This new TV concept is the cornerstone in the intelligent home as it is a fantastic hub for combining audio and video experiences with other home automation systems. To many customers home automation is becoming more and more interesting, and due to increasingly sophisticated interfaces, Bang & Olufsen customers can actually control and operate all their A/V and home automation equipment from the programmable Beo6 remote control all over the house. Control of light settings plus access to security systems, ventilation, curtains, pool cover, burglar alarm etc. are only some of the countless possibilities.

Due to the extensive flexibility of BeoVision 4-85", its built-in competencies and high-end performance, the customer gets a unique Bang & Olufsen solution that can be customized according to individual preferences by the professional Bang & Olufsen showroom. Additionally, Bang & Olufsen's specialized retail distribution, consisting of more than 50 strategically placed showrooms across the United States, are among the best trained and highly skilled technical experts in the nation. Given this advanced level of service and training, each and every B&O showroom is fully outfitted to accommodate the logistics and sales competencies required to handle a TV screen of this size and price point, uncharacteristic of any big-box audio/video retailer.

"BeoVision 4–85 offers a best-in-class audio and video experience, extreme ease of use and magical mechanical elements – while heightening the design impact of any room in any home", states Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. "We believe the BeoVision 4–85 inch will attract dedicated Bang & Olufsen customers who are seeking the ultimate home cinema experience – for both 3D and every day 2D viewing preferences."

BeoVision 4-85 inch is available in June 2011 and retails at $85,000. (Inclusive of the uniquely engineered floor stand, BeoLab 10 center channel speaker and a dedicated Bang & Olufsen remote control). BeoVision 4-85 is also available as a screen-only solution, where the screen is mounted on a wall bracket at a lower price point. A sister 3D - 103 inch version will also be available for purchase this summer. Pricing and further product details will be announced at a later date.

Bang & Olufsen was founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, two innovative, young engineers devoted to high quality audio reproduction. Since then, the brand has become an icon of performance and design excellence through its long-standing craftsmanship tradition and the strongest possible commitment to high-tech research and development.

Still at the forefront of domestic technology, Bang & Olufsen has extended its comprehensive experience with integrated audio and video solutions for the home to other areas such as the hospitality and automotive industries in recent years. Consequently, its current product range epitomizes seamless media experiences in the home as well as in the car and on the move.

For more information on Bang & Olufsen, please visit www.bang-olufsen.com.

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