Samsung's free Explore 3D VOD service lands for British Smart TV owners

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Samsung's free Explore 3D VOD service lands for British Smart TV owners
Americans eager to get their eyes on Samsung's 3D video on demand service are just going to have keep waiting, but our friends across the pond can break out their active shutter glasses and Santana Champ because Explore 3D has arrived in the UK. While the rest of us are stuck shelling out for Blu-rays and premium cable subscriptions for the luxury of watching videos in all their three-dimensional glory, Samsung Smart TV owners in Britain can now fire up movies, music videos, trailers and other clips for free. The company promised the service would be coming to the US and Europe shortly after its Korean launch in March and plans to expand its library of free titles to over 70 by the end of 2011. So, if you're still excluded from Sammy's free 3D party, relax -- your patience will be rewarded. Full PR after the break.
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Number one TV brand in the UK1 offers 20 free 3D videos, music videos, children's classics, documentaries and trailers on its Smart TV platform

Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd. makes its 3D video-on-demand service live in the UK today, allowing viewers to stream free 3D content through a specially designed App for the Samsung Smart TV platform.

For the first time in the UK, consumers will be able to access 3D content free and on-demand from Samsung Smart TVs. Samsung's 3D video-on-demand service currently has 20 types of free 3D content including films, music videos, children's classics, documentaries and trailers from partner DreamWorks.

Until now, 3D content has only been available through paid subscription and Blu-ray, but over the next year Samsung will lead the TV market by providing more options for consumers to watch 3D content. By the end of 2011- 70 free 3D videos will be available through the 'Explore 3D' App.

Andy Griffiths, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung UK said: "The demand for 3D is growing rapidly, but only a handful of channels are providing content. Samsung has led the 3D LED TV market since it launched last year, and the roll-out of our 3D video-on-demand service demonstrates our commitment to accelerating its growth. We believe that in the near future every viewer will have access to 3D content in the comfort of their own living room through a Smart TV. We will therefore continue to develop our Smart TV offering in order to provide consumers with the best viewing experience possible."

To access Samsung's video-on-demand service, consumers with 3D Smart TVs will simply download the 'Explore 3D' App' from 'Samsung apps', the first and biggest App store available for TVs. It joins other content apps such as, LOVEFiLM and BBC iPlayer.

Samsung Smart TV offers an easy–to-use Smart Hub that opens up content from Apps, the internet and other access points to the TV. Using the 'Search All' function, consumers can search for content on not just the television, but across the internet and on any connected storage, PC or mobile device within the home network. In addition Samsung's 'Your Video' service will do the thinking for viewers. It recommends films from a host of web-based, video on-demand providers, based on previous viewing patterns.

Users can also chat about the latest must-watch show through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk. The 'Social TV' function will allow them to simultaneously watch shows on split screen whilst chatting with friends. Additionally, Samsung's Smart TVs allow viewers to easily browse the internet while watching TV on a service that is optimized for TV.

The following Samsung Smart TVs are now available in retailers across the UK and allow you to access the 3D content:

· D8000 - 3D LED Smart TV – The ultimate Smart entertainment showpiece with Samsung's most premium One Design, Smart TV features including 2nd TV capabilities, and flagship true-to-life LED picture quality

· D7000 - 3D LED Smart TV – Features Samsung's full range of premium Smart TV features with industry beating One Design, picture quality, and ease of use

· D6500 – 3D LED Smart TV – An ideal all purpose Smart TV including Skype HD and web surfing capabilities

· D6100 – 3D LED Smart TV – entry 3D LED Smart TV with social TV capabilities

· D8000 – 3D plasma Smart TV – Stylish Plasma TV with flagship plasma picture quality and premium Smart TV features and Samsung's new +1 screen size concept

· D6900 – 3D plasma Smart TV – Solid all-round Plasma performer with advanced Smart TV options, 3D video processing technology and stunning +1 screen size design

· D5520 – LED TV Smart TV – entry LED Smart TV with Samsung apps and video on demand capabilities

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