Infamous 2 hits Europe June 8, coming in so, so many bundles

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Infamous 2 hits Europe June 8, coming in so, so many bundles
Infamous 2 is coming out in the UK, Germany and Ireland on June 10, and the rest of Europe on June 8. Yes, we usually make a bigger deal out of release dates than just dropping them all plain-like in the first sentence like that, but we need as much space as we can get to explain the different bundles available to European shoppers. No joke, you guys: There are five different versions of Sucker Punch's dichotomous action title available in Europe's shops.

So, there's the basic, vanilla flavored standard edition, the Special Edition (which includes extra powers and an "Original Cole" character skin) and the Hero Edition (which includes a lot of things, including a replica messenger bag). However, Europe also gets a bundle that includes the game and a "good" blue or "evil" red DualShock 3 controller, as well as a 320GB PS3 bundle. No prices have been announced for the bundles, but really, what price is too high for premium crimefighting? Or ... um, crimemaking?
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