Dive into Hellgate with a closed beta key from Massively!

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Dive into Hellgate with a closed beta key from Massively!
Do you feel like you've been waiting forever to check out this resurrected title? Well, your wait is nearly over, because Hellgate's closed beta testing begins June 3rd. Even better, we've got 900 closed beta keys to share!

Are you ready to start chasing demons and hunting glitches? Grab your key from our giveaway page, create your Hellgate account, then click the "Do you have your key?" button on the game's main page. Download and install the game from the main page and you're all set for beta!

Remember, the Hellgate team won't flip the switch to start beta testing until June 3rd, but we've got a little something to help you pass the time until then. Check out the gallery below for a series of brand-new Hellgate wallpapers -- even your desktop will be ready for beta!

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]
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