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Global Agenda braces for the impact of patch 1.42

Larry Everett
Larry Everett|@Shaddoe|May 24, 2011 10:00 PM
Dome City agents, prepare for some exciting changes coming to the third-person shooter Global Agenda. Tomorrow, May 25th, servers will be taken offline from 11 a.m. EDT to 5 p.m. EDT so the team can load up a plethora of updates for Global Agenda with patch 1.42. The patch includes changes to gameplay, flair drops, and Dome City itself.

Among the gameplay changes are updates to stealth and jetpacks. Spring stealth now includes an increase in height, but most importantly, the hands-free jetpacknow kicks in after 0.2 seconds rather than 0.3 seconds. This does not sound like much on paper, but many players will welcome the difference.

Patch 1.42 also introduces new flair drops from Recursive Colony bots. Drops include The Juggernaut, Android Head, and Android Soldier flair in the Dome Defense and Sonoran Raids. Speaking of flair drops, we learned that starting yesterday, players began questing for the velociraptor flair for the weekly flair challenge. Check out the announcement on the official site.

Lastly, Dome City's marketplace will grow with the addition of the Rare Goods vendor. When the servers come back online, be sure to shop at this new vendor for rare dyes and pets. Check the vendor daily; Hi-Rez developers have warned that available items will change.

Be sure to follow the Global Agenda server status on Twitter to learn exactly when the game is back online, and in the meantime, check out the full patch notes!