The Queue: Claudia Shepard

Michael Sacco
M. Sacco|05.27.11

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The Queue: Claudia Shepard
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

I impressed myself with how much my Mass Effect 2 Shepard looked like Farscape's Claudia Black. Now you get to see it, too.

Xotzalqual asked:

Will current T11 gear drop in iLvl to match heroic content iLvl when it becomes purchaseable with JP's? Meaning, will it suddenly become iLvl 246 or will it stay 259? I've heard it both ways and I would like a clarification of what exactly will happen to that tier level gear.

Heck, no! The items will remain at their current item level (359). Your method of acquiring them (JPs instead of VPs) is the only thing about them that'll change.

Ziggen asked:

How will we acquire Valor Points in patch 4.2? Of course from firelands raid, but will we still get VP from the heroic dungeons we have today?

Yes, you'll still get VPs for your first seven random heroics and seven Zandalari heroics, up to the 980 Dungeon Finder cap.

Kuro asked:

I need a clever pun name for my Tauren Druid (Bear/Tree). Any suggestions?


sflowers149 asked:

I might be too far down the Queue to get answered, but I saw on MMO that Bliz was talking about getting rid of the key ring and all superfluous keys. On the list of keys they were considering to keep I did not see the Karazhan key. I know it doesn't take the key to enter the instance anymore but you still need it to open the gate and the back door. If they take the key out will they also remove the gate/locked back door or will I ever be heartbroken that I can no longer run through Kara once a week?

If it requires a key in 4.1, it will no longer require a key in 4.2. That includes Karazhan.

Britty asked:

Since Patch 4.1 dropped, I've been experiencing a weird type of lag in dungeons. It's a bit hard to describe, but it's similar to what happens when you have a bad internet connection. However, unlike when you have a very weak internet signal, I'm able to type in guild or party and the messages go through. In my experience, it seems to happen more so on certain bosses, in particular ones that like spewing goo all over the place, like High Priest Venoxis and Lord Walden. However, it does happen on other bosses from time to time, but those in particular stick out to me.

However, I don't hear anyone else complain about this. As a healer, this really tends to screw me up, and cause wipes (especially if it's during Blood Venom in ZG, because I go splat since I'm running around waiting for it, and nothing is showing.) It doesn't tend to stop until that particular part is finished.

Is this situational? Am I one of the only people experiencing this? Is there a fix for it?

Note: I know what the poor signal internet is like from using my laptop at my job. My mobile broadband tends to be rather pathetic at most times (Thus, I know typing will not send messages through instantly or at all, if it is the internet.) However, my home internet that I use on my desktop is fine, which is where I do my instances at.

This phenomenon is called desyncing, and it happens to me (a longtime mobile broadband user) all the time. It's when you're still playing, and your actions are going through -- you're just way behind the world server (and the rest of your party). It's especially annoying on fights like, oh, all of them.

It's mainly a symptom of poor signal integrity from your connection. Blizzard tech support recommends a few ways to troubleshoot or fix it. Note that depending on your connection and hardware, it may be unfixable.

Kolonus asked:

I've been seeing the "Assist" function in the Interface menu, in macros, and in many new pet behavioral functions for some time now. Can you please English-ize "Assist" for me?

When referring to pets, assist means the following:
This stance will cause the player's pet to attack the player's target. The pet will not change targets unless the master attacks a new target for a few seconds.
When referring to UI functions, it means "target whatever (x player or mob) is targeting." So if you /assist your main tank, you'll target what your tank is targeting at that moment.
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