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Stats of the Union brings American demographic data to the iPad

Michael Grothaus
Michael Grothaus|@michaelgrothaus|May 29, 2011 2:00 PM

If you have an interest in American demographics and statistics, you need to check out the Stats of the Union iPad app. Statistics are only useful when you have a clear way of organizing and viewing the data. Without being able to do that, you can't glean any useful information from the numbers. What Stats of the Union does is take a host of data from the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) report and present it on an interactive, color-coded map.

Stats of the Union allows you to visualize any number of statistics for the entire country, all the way down to the county level. There are multiple subcategories in the seven prime categories including Summary, Demographics, Births, Deaths, At-Risk Groups, Diseases, and Risk Factors. For example, with a few taps I can see that in the county where I grew up (St. Louis County), life expectancy is 77.4 years, and population is 991,830. 20 percent of those people are at risk of health issues from smoking, and 102,548 people under the age of 65 (over 10 percent of the population) lack health insurance.

Those stats are only a small fraction of the information I can examine in the app. Stats of the Union is one of those apps that shows just how powerful of a learning tool the iPad can be. For those of you wondering, the app isn't political; it just presents a lot of complex data in an easy-to-view form and asks users to make their own conclusions about America's health. Stats of the Union is a free download.