Pentagon says cyber attacks are acts of war: send us a worm, get a missile in return?

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Well, the Pentagon is finally fed up with hackers picking on its buddies and foreign intelligence taking shots at its computer systems, and has decided that such cyber attacks can constitute an act of war. Of course, the powers that be won't be bombing you for simply sending them some spyware, but attempts to sabotage US infrastructure (power grids, public transit, and the like) may be met with heavy artillery. It's unclear how our government will identify the origin of an attack or decide when it's serious enough to start shooting, but Uncle Sam is looking to its allies to help create a consensus answer for those questions. The retaliatory revelation is a part of the Pentagon's new cyber strategy that'll be made public in June -- so saboteurs beware, your next internet incursion might get you an ICBM in your backyard.