Quantum effect transistor is the world's smallest, hopes to make a big impact

What's better than billions of transistors? Billions of miniature two-nanometer ones, leaving room for billions more. A team of researchers accomplished just that, using quantum mechanics to shrink these semiconductors -- and set a new size record in the process -- while also managing to keep them operating at room temperature (note: that photo above is from a different team's study). The team of South Korean, Japanese, and British researchers at Chungbuk National University expect them to "enhance the capabilities of mobile electronic devices" -- a mighty vague claim if ever there was one. Not one for modesty, lead researcher Choi Jung-bum proclaims that it "effectively changes the paradigm of such devices." With no word on mass production, though, we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves how big of an impact these lilliputian circuits will have.

[Thanks, Rohit; image credit: University of South Wales]