Newest producer's letter for City of Heroes talks about updating old content

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.02.11

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Newest producer's letter for City of Heroes talks about updating old content
Pretty much every time the development team at Paragon Studios answers player questions, there's a question that comes up about updating older content in City of Heroes. And usually the answer is a pretty standard one, a promise that updates will be looked at but aren't on any sort of specific timetable. It's a bit generic as answers go -- but the newest producer's letter for the game goes into more detail about why content gets updated, why it doesn't necessarily get updated, and the fact that there will be updates to legacy content in the future.

The usual rationale for fewer updates is the amount of work involved in updating this content, but the letter explains in more detail that it's not enough for content just to be old. In order to be ripe for a reworking, the task force or zone has to be underutilized to begin with, which gives a good reason for development to try to revitalize the content. City of Heroes players will be happy to note that the letter also promises revamps coming to the early leveling areas in the near future -- while it doesn't specify the details, more information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.
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