Patch 4.2 New Hunter Pets: All 8 rares found

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|06.02.11

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Patch 4.2 New Hunter Pets: All 8 rares found
Yesterday, I found Ahnka, the spirit tiger roaming the Regrowth looking for trouble. The stalwart hunters at the Petopia forums have found all of the new tameable hunter pets coming in patch 4.2 to the new daily questing hubs, The Molten Front and The Regrowth.

The eight new pets include two spirit cats (Ahnka and Magria), a spirit owl (Ban'thalos), and five uniquely colored lava spiders from the Firelands (Solix, Skitterflame, Kirix, Anthriss, and Deth'tilac). Each of these creatures provides a unique challenge to the hunter trying to tame them. Taming one of these unique creatures will be a mark of prestige to the hunter toting them around, not only for their rarity. Some of the lava spiders have some pretty tricky mechanics; Deth'tilac, especially, feels like a marathon.

Here's a compilation of all of the new eight hunter rare taming challenges coming in patch 4.2.

Check out our coverage of Ahnka from yesterday.

Abilities Deals damage based on the amount of armor the player is wearing.

How to tame Take off your armor to survive Ahnka's onslaught and tame.


Check out the Petopia thread on Ban'thalos.

  • Harsh Moonlight Call upon the harsh light of Elune to burn foes. Deals Arcane damage over 4 seconds.

How to tame Ban'thalos flies very high in the air, so careful pulling to survive the fall is necessary. If you survive the fall and Ban'thalos is still aggroed to you, you'll need to put down a well-timed Frost Trap and pop Deterrence to mitigate the Harsh Moonlight damage, which will wreck your day. Survive all this and begin taming when Ban'thalos is trapped. Congrats on your ghostly owl.


Works similar to Ahnka -- same mechanics, but a blue glow instead of a white/clear glow.


Check out the thread on Solix over at the Petopia forums.

  • Flashfire Attack speed increased by 1,000%, movement speed increased by 100%.
  • Blazing Speed Too fast to tame.
How to tame Kiting is key. Use Frost Traps and Aspect of the Cheetah, while Concussive Shot does its job. Once Solix is sufficiently slowed, you can begin the tame and keep him as your own.


Check out the thread on Skitterflame over at the Petopia forums.

  • Superheated Too hot to safely tame.
  • Burning Frenzy Damage increased based on current energy. If energy reaches zero, creature dies.
How to tame Frost Traps and Ice Traps give him a debuff called Cooling Down -- so cold! Energy quickly draining. You'll need to know how to break traps at certain times and lure Skitterflame through Ice Traps in order to get his energy low enough to tame but not low enough to kill. You can slow him down with Wing Clip; if Skitterflame steps in lava, his bar goes back to full.


  • Toxic Presence Deals nature damage to all nearby enemies. Deals additions damage to pets and minions.
How to tame Unknown at this time.


Check out the thread on Anthriss over at the Petopia forums.

Abilities Anthriss shoots a web at you that will kill you unless you submerge yourself in lava.

How to tame Staying submerged and taming will negate the effects of the web and allow you to tame this pet.

Deth'tilac, The Smoldering Darkness

Check out Parkour's epic thread over on Petopia on his Deth'tilac tame.

  • Deth Strike Deth'tilac strikes an enemy, instantly killing them. This attack cannot be dodged, blocked, or parried. Costs Deth'tilac 10% of maximum health.
  • Aura of Deth'spair Aura that reduces healing by 99%.
  • Deth Metal Gains speed when he isn't being damaged.
How to tame The ultimate kite or the ultimate sacrifice. If you get in melee range, you die. Constant slows, susceptible to Concussive Shot and traps. The challenge? 38 million health. You'll need to kite him for a while in order to get him down to the necessary health level where his "cannot tame" buff goes away -- about 9 million health.

The alternative is to try to get him to use Deth Strike enough that it wrecks his health until he is tamable.

Congratulations to Butters for the awesome kite and tame on Deth'tilac.


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