Hellgate beta videos show off character creation, gameplay

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.05.11

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Hellgate beta videos show off character creation, gameplay
Horror fans and MMOFPS aficionados have been setting their clocks back a few years courtesy of this weekend's Hellgate closed beta event. You may recall the original Hellgate: London as something of a dud when it originally debuted in the winter of 2007.

Not to worry, though, since HanbitSoft and T3Fun have revived the franchise and converted it to a new free-to-play title called Hellgate Global. MMO Culture has a trio of videos chronicling this weekend's event, and you can glimpse character creation as well as a bit of the shooter's demon-slaying gameplay.

Hellgate intrigued us with its blend of action-horror and apocalyptic stylings the first time around, and we're just as curious for chapter two. Have a look at the videos after the break and share your thoughts on the beta while you're at it.

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