Sony's PS3 claims the lead in Netflix streaming, adds VOD from Best Buy's CinemaNow

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Sony's PS3 claims the lead in Netflix streaming, adds VOD from Best Buy's CinemaNow
Sony planned the PlayStation 3 from the start as a movie playing powerhouse, but it may not have predicted so many would end up using it for Netflix streaming. CEO Jack Tretton just hit the stage at the company's E3 keynote to announce it is the leading Netflix streamer, accounting for 30% of the video watched on the service. While this is somewhat surprising maybe it shouldn't be -- consoles far outpace other TV connected streamers in install base, and between the Xbox 360, Wii, and Sony's box, the PS3 is the only one that lets you watch without an additional subscription and in HD. Also announced is a new partnership bringing video on-demand movies from the Best Buy-owned CinemaNow service. With any luck, the retail giant will add a subscription element or partner with Redbox and make this interesting, but until then it's just another footnote on the list of providers currently offered on the PS3.

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With more than 77 million accounts worldwide, PlayStation®Network continues to be one of the largest networked entertainment platforms in the world and is the premier destination for games, TV and movies, sports and music entertainment. Today, SCEA announced that coming this fall , BestBuy's CinemaNow video service will be accessible to PS3 owners, providing consumers with access to more than 12,000 of their favorite TV episodes and movies for rental or purchase.
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