Trion Worlds releases new trailer, screenshots for Waves of Madness

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Trion Worlds releases new trailer, screenshots for Waves of Madness
A while back, we published an exclusive dossier on RIFT's Abyssal Cult. Well, it looks like players are going to get to know the cult personally when Trion Worlds releases RIFT's patch 1.3, titled Waves of Madness. The update appears to focus on the abandoned Dwarven city of Hammerknell, where Akylios, the Dragon of the plane of water, is currently imprisoned. Players will likely be responsible for ensuring that the Abyssal Cult does not liberate its chaotic master. The players won't be alone in this, as it appears they have a new ally in the form of... Scotty?

Yes, that's right, RIFT's Guardian players will remember Scotty as the hapless Dwarf freshman at Quicksilver College who offers an entire questline dedicated to protecting him from his classmates' cruel pranks. Now he appears to be playing a large part in this new patch, though what precisely that part is remains to be seen. Trion Worlds has kindly released a new trailer promoting the new patch as well as a smattering of new screenshots featuring everyone's favorite absent-minded Dwarf. Check out the gallery below for those screenshots, and jump past the cut for the new trailer! Also, be sure to check back Thursday for some fresh RIFT information straight from Trion at E3.
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