Rooted Nook WiFi loaded with Angry Birds, soars then stalls (video)

That was fast. The Nook WiFi just hit the streets and already it's been rooted for less reading and more gaming -- with Angry Birds, no less. YouTuber JFreke has posted the results of loading a custom ROM on the Android 2.1 e-book reader, and it isn't exactly glamorous (read: playable) as-is. The refresh rate on the device may be quick for page turns, but the mid-sling freezing doesn't quite make a case for after school utility. Still, it probably won't stop some users from wanting to join in on this Android exploiting pastime; if you dare, J says the code will be released shortly, but for now you'll find the footage by breezing past the break.

Update: If you're still feeling brave enough, you'll find the root guide by hitting the Nook Devs link below.

[Thanks, Linus]