UK GQ subscribers will get iPad version for free

Conde Nast has told Pocket-lint that UK subscribers to its print edition of GQ will get the iPad version of the magazine for free. Currently the UK GQ Magazine iPad app is a free download, but users have to pay £2.40 per issue. However, Conde Nast is working with Apple to bring annual subscriptions and more a la carte options to the UK edition of GQ on the iPad. When it does, subscribers to the print edition will get the iPad edition for free.

Conde Nast's decision to give the iPad edition of its magazine away for free to subscribers mirrors the decision by Time, Inc to give away its iPad editions to annual print subscribers. While iPad editions of magazines are starting to catch on, it looks like the magazine publishers have realized that current print subscribers wouldn't be happy if they had to pay for the digital editions of the same magazine they already get in the mail.