Apple boots Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Air into mass production? (update)

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|06.12.11

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Apple boots Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Air into mass production? (update)
Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is starting to build a bit of a reputation for accurate Apple rumors, so you may be able to take this with a slightly smaller dose of NaCl: Kuo told AppleInsider that Cupertino's allegedly ordered 380,000 of those new MacBook Air models with Intel's Sandy Bridge processors on board, to be completed within the month. Of course, if Apple's got its heart set on distributing silica scaffolding, it has to phase the existing Core 2 Duo variants out, and so the company's reportedly finishing a final production run of 80,000 units now. If you happen to notice that your entire state is out of aluminum-clad ultralights, you know who to call!

Update: iPhone hacker Chronic claims the MacBook Air refresh could appear as soon as Wednesday morning.

Update 2: Never mind -- Chronic says his sources were mistaken about the MacBook Air on Wednesday.
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