Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T ratted out by its own HDMI dock

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|06.11.11

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Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T ratted out by its own HDMI dock
Oh, we've been fairly certain for a while now that we'd see the sexy Samsung Galaxy S II saunter on over to AT&T, but now we've attained what appears to be the first official photo of the handset. Samsung's Singapore division has a series of professional shots of planned accessories, including this "Samsung Galaxy S II Desktop Dock," a handsome pyramid stand sporting HDMI and 3.5mm stereo-out jacks -- and of course, an AT&T logo on its comfortably cradled smartphone. We're still not quite sure when Samsung's flagship will hit the US, but it had better get a move on -- we're slated to see a Galaxy S III by this time next year, after all.

Update: We should probably note it looks like the Galaxy S II's seen a bit of a makeover for AT&T, gaining the four familiar capacitive touch buttons and generally appearing more like the Infuse 4G.

[Thanks, Solomon T.]
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