Jade Dynasty celebrating its two-year anniversary

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.14.11

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Jade Dynasty celebrating its two-year anniversary
Jade Dynasty is hitting the two-year mark on Wednesday, and the staff at Perfect World Entertainment wants to celebrate in style. And it starts today, with a doubled experience gain turned on from now until June 22nd. But that's only the smallest portion of the various anniversary events and prizes players can expect, which include special in-game giveaways on the game's various servers along with special quest events that can award items found nowhere else in the game.

While most of the special events will be running for the length of the doubled experience event, a special site has been set up for a giveaway that goes live as soon as the clock ticks over to June 15th. There's also a cosplay contest for players and a special audiocast slated for some point during the anniversary week. Jade Dynasty players should take a look at all the festivities planned, which should more than satisfy long-term veterans of the game.
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