Nintendo finally sells millionth 3DS unit in Japan, lives in the shadow of older brother

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A million in (Japanese) sales is a far cry from failure, but even big daddy Satoru Iwata admits the 3DS isn't quite living up to expectations. Nintendo's tenderfoot handheld finally hit the mark after 13 weeks, a snail's pace when compared to the original dual-screen wunderkind, which reportedly made the grade in a mere four. The 3DS' predecessors will undoubtedly forgive it for being a late bloomer, it's the competition it ought to worry about; the PSP sold its first million in about seven weeks. The 3DS could still plow its way to the top -- but with the PlayStation Vita looming large on the horizon, and the fledgling handheld having already lost a round the PSV's predecessor, Nintendo could be in for a rough ride.