DXG 3D camera costs 70 bucks, or just three easy payments of $23.99

Oh, so your infant's first words were "3D camera," were they? Now you can reward your little princess with her first cam without needing to switch to store-brand baby food -- after turning off the Home Shopping Network, of course. The DXG-018 3D camera will run you just under $70, but it'll be worth every penny when your little early adopter grows up to be a gadget fiend with 15 maxed-out credit cards and $80,000 in debt. In the meantime, they'll be teething on a 1.44-inch LCD, dual lenses, an SD card (sold separately), and a pair of AA batteries. The kit also includes three 3D viewers, which apparently display 4-by-6-inch prints in three dimensions. DXG says the cam was created with kids in mind, shipping in pink, lavender, orange, green, and yellow, but it may also make a decent gift for adults, assuming they've never used a camera or viewed 3D content before.%Gallery-126391%

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DXG Creates an Easy and Fun Way to Capture and View 3D Pictures with No 3D TV Required

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - June 14, 2011 – DXG is bringing the beloved View-Master® back with an exciting technology twist that lets users create and share their own 3D content with the new DXG-018 3D pocket camera and viewer. Available today at, the DXG-018 3D camera and viewer bundle retails for $69.99.

Shoot, Print and Share Memories in 3D
Available in five eye-catching colors – pink, lavender, orange, green and yellow – the DXG-018 features a dual-lens 3D camera which snaps color pictures that are saved onto an SD card (sold separately). Photos are easily transferred from the SD card by inserting it into any printer or computer, or using the included USB cable. Using standard 4x6 photo paper, pictures automatically print as side-by-side images with dotted lines for optimal cutting and sizing to fit into the included 3D cardboard viewers. Once the photos are ready, simply slide them into the viewers, look into the windows and enjoy the 3D magic.

"We are excited about the DXG-018 3D camera and viewer because it makes 3D technology easy, fun and accessible to every type of consumer, with no 3D TV required," said Paul Goldberg, senior vice president of sales and marketing at DXG USA. "We designed the product with kids in mind, making it extremely easy to use and portable. The cardboard viewers are truly a fun and one-of-a-kind way to share 3D memories because they can be folded, dropped in an envelope and mailed to grandma who can feel like she's in the scene with her grandkids."

The DXG-018 3D camera bundle includes three cardboard viewers, with additional viewer packs sold separately at


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