Apple may freeze new Mac releases until Lion ships

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Apple is rumored to be halting any new Mac releases until Lion ships in July, according to a report heard by AppleInsider. Sources for that site say that Apple management is so excited about the improvements and user experience Lion offers, they don't want to ship any new Macs until Lion is finalized, so that "buyers are afforded the latest and greatest Apple experience."

Apple apparently has new MacBook Airs ready to ship, but is waiting until it can load a gold-master version of Lion on them to do so. Also, while there are no hard rumors surrounding the next Mac mini and LED Cinema Display, apparently those rollouts are also waiting for the final release of Lion, which is supposed to come out sometime next month.

And the Mac isn't the only platform waiting for new software -- apparently new iOS devices are also waiting to ship until iOS 5 is finalized. Apple wants to make sure all iCloud services are up and running so that new iPhone owners can take advantage of the full services iOS 5 and iCloud will offer.

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