Inaugural Fallen Earth dev blog talks PvE, PvP, and roleplay content

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.16.11

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Inaugural Fallen Earth dev blog talks PvE, PvP, and roleplay content
Yesterday we broke the news that GamersFirst had acquired Fallen Earth and has set about molding the post-apocalyptic sci-fi title into a free-to-play experience. Today we're happy to tell you about the new Fallen Earth dev blog and its lengthy inaugural post.

The entry comes courtesy of associate game director Joseph "Linus" Willmon, and he expends a good deal of virtual ink on topics that include the free-to-play roadmap, various changes that will result from the conversion, a transition time frame, and post-F2P design priorities. While the entire post is quite intriguing for fans of the game's grungy wasteland shtick, that last bit is particularly interesting since it specifically targets three groups of players (one of which is almost universally ignored in dev circles) and promises them content updates.

"Anyone who's played Fallen Earth knows there are three core groups -- sometimes always at odds with one another -- that form the basis of the community: PvP players, PvE players, and roleplayers. The design priorities for the future will look towards building specific features and content aimed at each group, making the world much more robust and, we hope, exciting to experience," Willmon writes.
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