Recco claims to provide hyperlocal restaurant savvy

The New York Times recently profiled a new iOS app named Recco. It's yet another social network app, but this time one built around restaurant recommendations. Rather than a service like Yelp, Recco is attempting to be extremely local, picking up restaurant recommendations not from people in your state or city, but from your actual friends and a few food experts.

It's an interesting idea, even if the Times' piece makes the app sound just like any other social network startup. The Times actually mentions that Recco only has 2000 users so far, which is adorably tiny in this day and age.

Still, if you have a circle of friends out frequenting new restaurants and ready to let you know which ones are the best, Recco seems like it might be an interesting experiment -- it's a virtual replacement for the kind of standard food chatter around town. Recco launched back at SXSW this year, and it's available for free on the App Store right now.