LogMeIn goes disk -- and saves my weekend

Ages ago, we posted about LogMeIn's new file management and transfer capability. It wasn't until this weekend that it sunk in how utterly brilliant this feature is.

Look at me. I'm a parent to a teenager. (Yes, there's proof.) When visiting Fort Collins over the weekend, disaster struck. I'd copied over the new "9 Lives of Chloe Whatsherface" to the iPad, but I'd forgotten to transfer that all-essential "Teen Wolf."


LogMeIn to the rescue. With its remote disk features, it gave me total access to my home computer, including the Teen Wolf episode that my EyeTV 250 had recorded for us, which I easily copied to the iPad.

You can browse your entire computer. In my case, that included the external drive I use for EyeTV recordings. Just select the file you need and tell LogMeIn where to transfer it to. There's a complete local file hierarchy you can use within the application, and it works far better than it sounds.

Once there, iOS 4's app-to-app document sharing let me move it over to VLC (yes, I am lucky enough to have downloaded it before bad things happened) so that my child could revel in, well, whatever there is to revel in with regards to Teen Wolf.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPad retails at a hefty thirty bucks, which may put you off from buying it. But if you can swing the cash, between its excellent "give me my home computer on my iPad" features and now its file transfer update, it can really deliver some power-hitting performance.

As for the Cat-versus-Dog smackdown? My teenager far preferred Chloe, even with her risible fake claws[1].

Update: Commenters ask: "Why didn't you use Air Video". I adore Air Video and recommend it highly. We needed her to watch in the car while on the go, on a Wi-Fi only iPad. For the record, as a quick google will show, I have been using LogMeIn on my iPad for well over a year.

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[1] It's never too early to start SAT prep