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Massively Exclusive: TERA shows off two new BAMs

Jef Reahard
Jef Reahard|June 24, 2011 12:00 PM
Last month we brought you exclusive news of two new TERA BAMs (that's an En Masse acronym for big-ass monster, if you're wondering). This month we're moving on from the fimbrilisks and vampirs and cozying up to a pair of new cold-hearted killers that inhabit the icy wastes in the far reaches of Arborea.

First up is our friend the wendigo, and what a clever, inventive, and unabashedly large friend he is. Despite being a BAM, the wendigo is known for his nuance, particularly when it comes to his unique vocalization techniques.

Next we have the ice giant, and as his name implies, he's also quite massive. Unlike the wendigo, ice giants are about as lacking in subtlety as it's possible to be, and most examples of the species spend their days plotting the return of their glory days while trampling unwary adventurers who stray too close their domains. Read up on both new BAMs and check out the exclusive screens after the break.


Masters of the icy wastes, wendigos are a proud race with deep ties to the dream. Clever and inventive, the crystalline wendigos fight to survive in a world that has all but passed them by. Wendigo tribes are often categorized as brutes, but Mysterium scholars claim the wendigos communicate through resonant frequencies and vocalizations. Without that resonance, the nuance in wendigo speech is lost. Federation prospectors covet the same eldritch shards the wendigos need to survive, but the outnumbered wendigos can't compete on even footing. The wars on Shara force everyone to make hard choices. If the wendigos can't adapt, they'll die.

Ice Giants

Powerful and bitter, the ice giants are among the few survivors of the Day of Fire, the day when the gods unleashed their fury to extinguish the rebellious giants. The few survivors hide in the corners of the world, plundering what they can to survive. The giant civilization is gone, as are most of their technological marvels. The giants that yet live are insular and angry, not bold and innovative. Like all giants, the ice-dwellers dream of power and ache for their long-gone age of supremacy -- and plot its return.