Biscuit tins: your greatest defense against industrial espionage?

Brian Heater
B. Heater|06.28.11

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Biscuit tins: your greatest defense against industrial espionage?
We don't know what your daily grind is like, but we're constantly warding off the ever-present threat of industrial espionage. For whatever reason, here's something we've yet to try: the ordinary household biscuit tin. Word has is that the thin, metal baked goods holder is great for keeping the eyes of potential saboteurs away from your secret-storing mobile devices. AFP is reporting that executives at a German chemical company have begun carrying their phones around in the boxes to protect them from the sorts of electromagnetic radiation used to steal valuable information from the handsets. No word on how many of the devices involved are running Gingerbread or similar pastry-based operating systems.
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