Rumor: Ignition lays off UK employees, cancels WarDevil again

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Rumor: Ignition lays off UK employees, cancels WarDevil again
Ignition Games' transition to a pure publishing operation continues, Develop reports, with layoffs at the company's London studio following those last week in Austin. Anonymous sources told the site that the London team was told of the layoffs on Friday. As Develop puts it, "redundancies have been issued across the entire London development outfit."

This once again brings work on WarDevil to a halt. The game was canceled last year following an earlier round of layoffs in Ignition's UK operation. Development started again later that year under the name Project Kane. Develop was unable to confirm this, but heard reports that Ignition was willing to let the project continue if an external developer signed on to complete it.

This accompanies rumors that Ignition's Japan studio will close following completion of its latest project -- which, as far as we can tell, would be any work involved with the localization of El Shaddai.
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