Massively Exclusive: Battle of the Immortals Titan Throne instance dev blog

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.05.11

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Massively Exclusive: Battle of the Immortals Titan Throne instance dev blog
Ready for another exclusive Battle of the Immortals dev blog? If not, too bad, because we've got one and you're reading it!

Like our last Perfect World Entertainment-powered exclusive, this one concerns BoI's Titan update. The patch contains a new instance called Titan's Throne, and players at level 115 or higher will be able to run through it once per day in order to challenge a fearsome gauntlet of monsters, elite bosses and finally Kronos himself.

Head past the cut for more on the new content courtesy of the BoI dev team, as well as a few screenshots of the instance in action.

"What is this revenge worth to you human?"


"Very well. Forfeit your soul to me, and I will make your deepest desires come true."

In a blazing flash of smoke and fire, Hades invades Demitrios' mind. By understanding the selfishness of man he knew he could manipulate Demitrios' anger and gain another lost soul. "Humans, such simple play things." Hades sees Demitrios' weak will and vile hatred as the perfect vessel for his own plan to exact revenge on his father, Kronos.

Titans' Throne is a new instance that will be introduced in July's Titan Update. Players will be able to challenge the instance once a day and you will need a party of at least three level 115 players. Titans Throne will pit you against hordes of Kronos' elite monsters, three major bosses, before you can even get in range of the God King himself, Kronos. This battle gauntlet will drive even the toughest warrior's mad fear.

If you are so lucky to defeat Kronos and his legion, you will have a chance to receive the new Soul Gears, Titan's Jewel, new high level accessories, and Throne's Wish that can be exchanged for the artifact: Thunder. Thunder is a one use item that will raise the player's movement speed by 50% for 12 seconds, and also gives immunity to all status controlling skills for five seconds. This is just a sample of what treachery and wonders lie ahead.

When Kronos descends upon Motenia, will you be a legend, or will you just be a memory... ?

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