Players to celebrate diversity in Star Trek Online

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Players to celebrate diversity in Star Trek Online
This upcoming weekend, Stonewall Fleet, Star Trek Online's largest GLBT and straight ally guild, will be hosting the second annual STO Pride Weekend. In memory of the gay rights movements from decades ago, as well as to celebrate the diversity that Gene Roddenberry always envisioned Star Trek to encompass, festivities are planned that will span both Saturday, July 9th, and Sunday, July 10th. Whether you would like to attend the opening ceremonies, play a round of PvP, warp in the parade, or attend the prom, there is something for everyone.

We had a chance to speak to Nicholas Swinford, founder and Fleet Admiral for Stonewall Fleet, who told us, "this time of year is a time of great celebration for the GLBT community. Millions worldwide celebrate during this time of year in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots. For this occasion, Stonewall Fleet will be hosting events throughout the second weekend of July. The events will be open to the entire Star Trek Online community and we hope that you and your fleet will come join in." With that said, red (orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) alert, shields up, set your phasers to fabulous, and engage!

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