Luvinia closed beta begins

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.08.11

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Luvinia closed beta begins
Luvinia Online's closed beta is officially open, and Outspark has confirmed via press release that testers will be able to experience game content up to level 69. Three class archetypes (as well as six subclasses) are open for testing, and a number of in-game events are in the works.

Players who reach level 40 will receive a panda rabbit mount after the conclusion of the beta period, and everyone can join in the fun to be had in the Luvster Race, weekly Bingo Society loot competitions, and an end-of-beta Graduation Celebration.

The events tie in with the larger Festival of Sparks event series taking place across multiple Outspark titles, and participating players can earn summer sparks which are used to purchase in-game rewards. You can learn more about the Festival at the Outspark website, and don't forget to hop over and check out the Luvinia information while you're at it.
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