Resident Evil games assembled in 15th Anniversary Box

Without looking, we'd like for you to tell us where all of your various and sundry Resident Evil games are located right now. Your copy of Resident Evil 4 is out of its box, lying face-up on the entertainment center? Code Veronica is in a box in the attic? Resident Evil 2 is in the oven? You clearly need a better way of keeping tabs on them -- like, for instance, having nearly all of the franchise's main entries enclosed in Capcom's recently announced 15th Anniversary Box.

The bundle, which will be available in Japan through e-Capcom this September, contains the three PSOne Resident Evils, Revival Selection (the HD remastering of RE4 and Code Veronica) and soundtracks for the two games in the Revival Selection.

Resident Evil 5 is not included in the package, but the Box does include a spacer in which to keep your copy. Voila! No more scratched, misplaced or broiled discs.