YouTube Cosmic Panda experiment adds darker UI, lots of spit and polish

YouTube Cosmic Panda

It's a more rounded and sports a little more chrome than Google's recent redesign efforts, but the new YouTube Cosmic Panda experiment does bring the darker UI elements and polished feel of Google+ to the video sharing service. This is much more than a fresh coat of paint however, navigating the site is a much more interactive experience now and you can continue to watch videos as you search and browse -- provided you're using Chrome. Channel pages have also been completely overhauled with large images for each video, several layout templates, and easier to use customization options. Playlists have also been revamped and now bear more than a passing resemblance to Leanback. The one thing missing at the moment is integration with Google+ and the new navigation bar, but we're sure those features will be added eventually (and if they're not, then the Goog has really dropped the ball). You can opt in now by heading to source link.

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