How to photograph jewelry with an iPhone 4

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How to photograph jewelry with an iPhone 4

You know those beautiful photos of jewelry that you see in ads and catalogs? The folks at Modahaus wanted to see if their table top studios could be used with an iPhone 4 to make images that would be good enough for a professional photographer to sell. The results were astonishingly good.

The Modahaus studio comes in three sizes, ranging from 8.5" to 24" wide, and use a set of translucent and opaque backdrops that work with studio lights to create varied lighting effects. The crew at Modahaus used Tap Tap Tap's Camera+ app, a Glif tripod mount, a GorillaPod flexible tripod, and lights to take some very professional photos.

Similar setups are available from other vendors as well. ThinkGeek, for example, has the $49.99 Portable Photo Studio, complete with lights and collapsible lightbox. With an iPhone 4, the right lighting, a good camera app, skill, and some patience, you could be shooting professional-quality product images.

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