Xbox 360 pops up in Win 8 code, console game compatibility coming to the PC?

Xbox 360 Reference in Win8 Code

It's no secret that Microsoft is planning on integrating Xbox LIVE into Windows 8, but rumors are now swirling that Xbox 360 games might actually be playable on the next version of Redmond's OS. References to "XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH" have been found in the kernel code -- an odd bit of text to show up in software that's not designed to run on the 360's PowerPC CPU. There are, of course, other, more mundane possibilities -- like the ability to remotely control your console to trigger update and game downloads, or to receive notifications from the machine on your desktop. But, if Microsoft is bringing Xbox titles to the PC, it would only serve to solidify Windows as the platform of choice gamers. Guess we'll just have to wait bated breath to see what Ballmer has to tell us in January.