Firemint's Rob Murray on blurring the line between desktop and tablet

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.16.11

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Firemint's Rob Murray on blurring the line between desktop and tablet

148Apps is conducting a series of interviews with major iOS developers, and Rob Murray of Firemint is their latest target, with a few thoughts on the future directions of the games he's developing. Murray says mobile gaming isn't growing up into desktop technology -- it's the other way around. The technology we now use on the desktop will soon just be found right in handheld computers, according to Murray. "People will choose the mobile because it's convenient, portable, and it's personal."

That puts Firemint, developer of mobile apps and innovation around mobile interfaces, in a good place, of course. But Murray doesn't mean that we'll only be using iPads and iPhones in the future, just that the hardware they'll interact with will grow thinner and thinner. As a developer, however, Murray isn't quite there yet -- he uses a MacBook Pro with both Windows and OS X on it.

Finally, Murry fits in a plug for the upcoming Spy Mouse title, which is his job, of course, but it does look like it'll be fun (and Firemint clearly knows how to make successful iOS games). Interesting, if a little short, chat with the Firemint CEO.

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