TERA shows off two new BAMs: the forestwalker vulcan and vulcan juggernaut

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TERA shows off two new BAMs: the forestwalker vulcan and vulcan juggernaut
Raise your weapons, TERA fans, because today we've got another pair of BAMs for you to contend with. This month we're stepping away from the icy wendigos to the hulking vulcans, which act as servants to the mysterious cult of Lok.

The spotlight shines first on the vulcan juggernaut, which -- as the name implies -- is a gargantuan creature more than capable of tearing your arms off and bludgeoning you to death with them, and more than willing to do just that. Between fireballs, foot-stomping earthquakes, and a general sense of unbridled malice, the vulcan juggernaut is a force to be reckoned with.

Next is the juggernaut's distant cousin (twice-removed), the forestwalker vulcan. Though these vulcans aren't as large as their juggernaut counterparts, they make up for it with their enormous and deadly horns. Facing off with a forestwalker vulcan is a lot like the running of the bulls, only your chances of survival are even lower!

Vulcan Juggernaut

Shock troopers from a bygone age, the vulcan juggernauts are magically bound to serve and protect their masters in the cult of Lok. Vulcan juggernauts are cruel, arrogant, and entirely unsubtle, tearing their enemies limb from limb. A stomp of their feet is enough to cause an earthquake, and they can hurl a volley of fireballs at distant foes. Worst of all, when a battle starts and their veins glow red, vulcan juggernauts become even smarter and faster than they were before.

Forestwalker Vulcan

Smaller than the vulcan juggernauts but no less lethal, the forestwalker vulcans clear paths through the Timeless Forest with their immense horns. Those sharp horns also clear a path through formations of enemy soldiers. If you're scouting the Timeless Woods and you see a forestwalker vulcan charging toward you...well, don't expect to see much after that. The dark summoners in the cult of Lok seem to know how to control the vulcans, but exactly how they accomplish this feat is a mystery. A single forestwalker vulcan is more than a match for a squad of Lokians.

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