Ultima Online begins testing Publish 71.0

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|07.20.11

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Ultima Online begins testing Publish 71.0
You'd think that an MMO well into its golden years like Ultima Online would slow down to take advantage of senior citizen menu options, bingo night, and yelling at youngsters to get off the lawn. But, no, the dev team is instead running like they've never run before, as a new update on the test shard Origin can attest.

Yesterday, the highly anticipated Publish 71.0 was pushed to the test server for players to tinker around and explore. The patch notes tell a tale of many, many balance changes and tweaks, along with plenty of brand-new buff icons. Fishing's also been treated to somewhat of an overhaul with the patch, as additional trophies are being installed and schools of magical fish will begin to move around in order to keep you guessing. There's even a special sea encounter with Charybdis that is only available to dedicated fishermen.

To check out all of the nitty-gritty details and bug fixes that are coming with 71.0, head on over to Ultima Online to read the notes!
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