Wii platformer LostWinds coming to iOS

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.20.11

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Wii platformer LostWinds coming to iOS

I really enjoyed the Wii game LostWinds, released a few years ago as a downloadable title on Nintendo's popular home console. So I'm excited to hear that the developer, Frontier Developments, is planning to bring the original game over to the iPhone and the iPad, as well as the Android platform.

The game features a little protagonist named Toku, who can either move around the beautiful cel-shaded world himself, or have the wind, managed with motion controls, help him get little boosts and support. On the iOS version, Toku will apparently be moved via an on-screen touchpad, and of course the motion controls will be replaced with swiping and gestures.

Sounds fun. The game also had a sequel called "Winter of the Melodias," though it appears this initial release is just for the first title. The game is expected out on the App Store later on this year.

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